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Honeymoon Fund

If you are interested in contributing to our honeymoon bank, you have two options: 1) contribute any amount, or 2) choose to sponsor a specific item.

Contribute an amount

Your contribution, big or small, will add magic to our journey together.

Thank you for being part of our story.


Going to a place, eating a meal, or having an experience sponsored by you is a truly special gift for us. We are grateful for your contributions!

Japan cherry blossoms picture.jpeg

Flight to Tokyo, Japan

We're flying out as soon as the festivities are over! We've been wanting to go to Japan, and what better first time as a newly-wed couple? 

Php 36,000.00

Makati City, Philippines.jpeg

Flight back to Manila

Help us get home 😆

Php 36,000.00

Visit Japan_ Hands up if you're ready for a lifetime's worth of skiing!⠀ From March 12 to

Flight to Hokkaido

Snowboarding and skiing are parts of our personal bucket lists. 

Php 6,000.00

Osaka Castle.jpeg

Flight to Osaka

Sight seeing, food, cable cars, and shrines - just a few of the things we want to experience in Osaka.

Php 6,000.00

Beauty and the Beast Room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.jpeg

Hotel accommodation

We'll be staying in Japan for several nights in different hotels in Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Osaka.

Php 8,500.00

7 out of 9 nights remaining

Traditional Japanese Breakfast and How To Make It At Home.png


Nothing better than getting Japan's world-famous healthy breakfast 🩵

Php 3,000.00

8 out of 9 breakfasts remaining



We're so excited to experience the food in the restaurants our favorite YouTubers go to! 

Php 4,000.00

8 out of 9 lunches remaining

Most Romantic Restaurants In US_ 7 Atlanta Eateries Make List.jpeg


After a day of touring and walking, a hearty dinner is the perfect way to cap the day 💓

Php 5,000.00

6 out of 9 dinners remaining

_Visit Japan_ When your coffee is almost too cute to drink…_ almost! Reissue Cafe in Haraj

Coffee date

Unique and cozy cafes are everywhere in Japan. Who wouldn't want to go cafe-hopping?

Php 2,000.00

8 out of 9 dates remaining

4 Tips to Enjoy your First Visit to Tokyo Disneyland _ LIVE JAPAN travel guide.jpeg

Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland and Disney Sea are always happy places to be ✨

Php 8,000.00

Dope Snow _ Mens Style _ Winter 20_21.jpeg


To snowboard and skii, we're going to rent our gears instead of buying new ones.

Php 5,000.00

Tokyo Ultimate Travel Guide.jpeg

Photoshoot in Tokyo

We would love to capture the magic of our honeymoon instead.  

Php 15,000.00



Snacking is a must, don't you agree?

Php 1,000.00

8 out of 9 snacks remaining

Mona Sheilette B. Martinez.png
Mona Sheilette B. Martinez.png
Mona Sheilette B. Martinez.png
Mona Sheilette B. Martinez.png

If you're uncertain on what item to sponsor or if you have a particular gift in mind, you can always contribute any amount.

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